When You Should Choose a Root Canal over a Tooth Extraction

When You Should Choose a Root Canal over a Tooth Extraction

August 16, 2019

Tooth problem can be severe and hurtful. Any discomfort in the mouth makes eating difficult and pains when you touch sore tooth with tongue or food.

If you feel any pain from a dead tooth or an infection in the gums or teeth, then go to the dentist soon. Though an extraction is an easy solution but root canal treatment is also the best option.

Let’s see when you should choose a root canal over a tooth extraction-

Getting to the root of the problem

You will feel the severe pain mostly in a rear molar. This is due to the infection and decay in the tooth and roots holding it in place. The dentists will examine your mouth completely with X-rays to find the root cause of the problem. The treatment is provided once the problem is identified.

Dealing with infection first

In a few cases, the infection causes problems such as swelling and severe pain. The dentist will recommend antibiotics. The treatment is started once the infection settles.

Choosing Root Canal

Mostly dentists aim to keep the patient’s natural teeth for as long as possible. They suggest a root canal one of the best options for the treatment of any serious dental problems.

The list includes-

  • A root canal is not painful:

Earlier root canal used to be very painful. Due to this, many patients found tooth extraction as a better option. With the advancement in medication and dental techniques, painful is minimal. The dentists use superior instruments and surgery is less invasive.

  • Extraction leaves gaps:

If it is possible, try to save a tooth. Once the natural tooth is removed, gaps are created in the mouth. Get your tooth treated with a cap, crown, inlay or onlay. This costs less and looks better.

  • Teeth move about:

Due to the gaps, teeth move from its original position. The gaps weaken the teeth around and cause infection into the gums. To retain the structure and strength of your teeth, keep the tooth in place. Therefore, root canal treatment will save a tooth.