When is a dental crown needed?

When is a dental crown needed?

March 26, 2019

Has your dentist told you that you will need a dental crown? Now, are you going from one Google page to another, trying to understand what is a dental crown and why do you need it? Then, you can put your worries aside because experts at Beverly Thurmond DDS have compiled this list after years of experience for you to find all the answers you seek.

Dental crowns are external coverings which are used to give the teeth a complete shape and restore its natural strength as well as appearance to it.

Why do I need a dental crown?

A dental crown is required mostly after an individual has undergone a surgery, which in itself was result of a rotten tooth or a decaying tooth. Now, the tooth decay can be because of several reasons such as cavity.

Other situations where a dental crown may come in handy is when someone has a chipped tooth or a half-broken tooth. In such scenarios, dental crowns help bring the teeth to its original shape and size.

What is a dental crown made of?

A dental crown can be made of stainless steel, porcelain, resin or a few other complex chemicals. Hence, it largely depends on what is the purpose of fitting the crown, the budget and the durability you seek with the crown.

How is a crown placed?

Placing a crown perfectly is the most important phase in the entire process. It starts with your dentist measuring up the space where the crown will be fit. Once the dentist has the mould ready with the exact shape of the crown, she/he will get a crown made for you.

That said, a crown is not directly fit on to the tooth where it is supposed to go. In the first sitting for fitting the crow, a supplementary crown is placed to check for fitting. In second sitting, the actual crown is fit in the right place.

How do I care for a dental crown?

The best person to instruct you on how to take care of your crown is your dentist. Mostly, you will be given a list of food items you should avoid and a certain period till which you might have to take some special care. After a point, there is no extra care required for a crown.