What to Expect If You Need a Dental Filling

What to Expect If You Need a Dental Filling

May 1, 2019

Cavities never come with a warning. It usually begins with a toothache and soon the dentist may break the news that you have cavities. Some people don’t even display any signs of cavity and it may remain unnoticed and untreated. It can gradually lead to infection and even kill your tooth completely.

How Does a Dental Filling Work?

These fillers are designed for restoring the form and function of the decayed tooth. Most of the cavities of small to medium size can be replaced by the dental fillers. However, large cavities may need a dental crown for repairing. Once the filler has been placed, the teeth will look and function normally.

The dentist near Raleigh first numbs the affected area in your mouth and carefully removes the decay from the affected tooth. Once the tooth is cleaned, dental composite is layered inside. It’s a highly durable blend of glass and plastic which matches the natural shade of your teeth. The composite is then hardened, shaped, and polished. The procedure takes only single appointment.

Does Dental Fillings Hurt?

The procedure does not hurt at all. Apart from numbing the area, the dentist also offers sedation to patients who feel anxious or nervous about going through the procedure. For most people, nitrous oxide, i.e. laughing gas is the ideal option. It helps in feeling calm and wears off quite quickly after the procedure.

Aren’t Dental Fillings Made Out of Metal?

In the past, dentists used amalgam fillings which were silver in color and contained mercury. However, in modern dentistry, most people use composite fillers only.

How Can I Keep My Smile Healthy?

The care for your smile and teeth begins at home. ADA recommends you to brush your teeth twice a day daily followed by flossing. You must also rinse your mouth after eating sugary and acidic food and beverages along with using a good mouthwash.

Visiting the dentist twice a year is a good idea to maintain optimum dental health. If they detect a cavity, they can repair it with the tooth-colored dental fillings.