Do I Really Need a Night Guard? Everything You Need to Know

Do I Really Need a Night Guard? Everything You Need to Know

October 26, 2018

Do you grind or clench your teeth at night and think you may need a night guard? Dr. Thurmond and staff here in Raleigh, NC are ready to help you get an answer to that question! Let’s start talking about what night guards are and how they could help you.

What Are Night Guards?

A night guard is a device placed in the mouth that serves as a protective barrier between the top and bottom teeth. Guards are normally made of plastic and are placed over your lower teeth. A night guard will not stop your teeth from clenching or grinding, but it allows the guard to be worn down instead of the teeth. This helps prevent chipping and cracking of the teeth as well as jaw pain.

Do Night Guards Hurt?

If your night guard is custom fitted by a dentist it should not cause pain. However, for the first week or so of wearing the night guard you may go through an adjustment period as you get used to the feel of the night guard in your mouth. Before sleeping in one you could try wearing it for a couple of hours to get used to the feel.

How Can a Night Guard Help You?

There are many benefits to regularly wearing a night guard. Some are:

  • An improved night’s sleep
  • Less frequent morning headaches
  • Eliminate jaw pain
  • Prevention of damage to teeth and jaw

Why Getting a Custom Fitted Night Guard Is Important

Though you could pick up a less expensive generic night guard, it really won’t offer you the same benefits as a custom fitted night guard. Every mouth is different. By investing in a quality night guard you can be assured your teeth will align properly. This will prevent other problems from developing down the line. A custom fitted night guard will also fit more comfortably; it won’t be too tight or too loose, which will extend the life of your night guard up to 10 years.

Give Dr. Thurmond’s office a call, don’t wait! We can personally evaluate you to determine if you would benefit from using a night guard.