Beverly Thurmond, DDS: 10 Truths about Invisalign

Beverly Thurmond, DDS: 10 Truths about Invisalign

July 25, 2018

Thanks to innovations and new technologies, there are so many different options available to individuals today with regards to options for different dental procedures. Beverly Thurmond provides a particularly wide range of services that are designed to benefit both cosmetic and restorative purposes. One of these is the popular Invisalign treatment. Keep reading to learn more truths regarding this effective treatment and see if it is right for your smile!

Truth 1: The aligners need to stay on your teeth to work. Though Invisalign aligners are removable, they need to be worn for a minimum of 22 hours a day to see results.

Truth 2: You will need to clean your teeth after every meal. In order to avoid infections or tooth decay, proper dental hygiene will be important.

Truth 3: Set realistic expectations. While it is true Invisalign treatments work quicker than traditional wire braces, they don’t change your smile over night.

Truth 4: The treatment is not painful (for most). Pain caused by an Invisalign treatment is rare and typically only causes slight discomfort.

Truth 5: Invisalign is not for everyone. Unfortunately, Invisalign cannot fix every orthodontic issue an individual may have.

Truth 6: Stain-causing beverages are a no-no. This is to avoid staining the aligners.

Truth 7: Do not clean your aligners with toothpaste. In order to avoid scratching the clear aligners and instead clean them with soap or a mild detergent.

Truth 8: Accidental weight loss may be a bonus by forcing you to only eat during the allotted time.

Truth 9: The aligners are virtually invisible. They are the perfect option for a modest smile.

Truth 10: Not all Invisalign dentists offer the same results. Contact our clinic today to see how we can offer you a high quality experience.