A Root Canal Can Save Your Tooth

A Root Canal Can Save Your Tooth

October 19, 2018

Just the thought of a root canal can Insight fear in even the bravest dental patient. In the following article, we will discuss why root canals aren’t as scary as everyone thinks. You’ll see throughout this information that root canals aren’t nearly as painful or uncomfortable as their reputation may have them seen. Most often, they are the best option from saving your tooth from being extracted, and in the long runs root canals preserve your natural teeth, allowing you to live your best life with a healthy bite.

The Problem

Infected or damaged teeth used to not have any hope of being restored. The most simple solution would always be just extracting your teeth. Tooth extractions bring on their own list of dental problems, and if the tooth is not replaced in time, this can cause the neighbor and teeth to shift, distort your Healthy bite, and diminished bone density overtime.

How Can a Root Canal Help?

Root canals keep your tooth in place, and as natural as possible. This maintains not only your jaw strength, but also your other teeth remain healthy and in place.

During a root canal, the infected tooth, then the interior of the tooth is clean, filled, and finally sealed. Once this is all done, crown or filling is applied to the tooth to protect it from further decay in the future. After all of this work is done, the tooth looks as normal as any other healthy tooth. And this procedure is done in as little as two dental appointments.

Benefits of Saving Your Tooth

There are plenty of reasons that root canals are great response to extensive tooth decay. There are both immediate and long-term benefits such as:

  • Preserves a natural appearance
  • Maintains a normal bite
  • Protects other healthy teeth
  • Improves chewing efficiency

If you are currently experiencing a damaged or infected tooth, don’t wait until it’s too late. Make an appointment today at Beverly Thurmond D.D.S. Our office located in Raleigh, NC can’t wait to host you.