6 Tips to Make the Most of TMJ treatments

6 Tips to Make the Most of TMJ treatments

June 16, 2019

TMJ which stands for Temporomandibular joint is a disorder where you have a pain in the jaw as well as the areas surrounding it. We have tried to dig deep into the problem and help you get relief in all the ways possible.

These are the the 6 most important tips that we can give you that will help you heal faster and feel better after your TMJ treatment:

  1. Eat the right foods
  2. Foods that are relatively softer like mashed potatoes will help you you feel better and decrease the pain that comes with tmj disorder. Make sure that you avoid any kind of hard foods.

    Also you should avoid food that makes you chew more like chewing gum. If you want to eat hard foods make sure that you cut them in very small pieces and take small bites.

  3. Limit extreme jaw movements
  4. Make sure you do not give much attention to your jaw. Avoid extreme jaw moments like yawning, screaming or any other moment that makes you open your jaw wide.

  5. Do jaw exercises
  6. Do the exercises that help your jaw heal faster. If you don’t know what the exercises are make sure you ask your dentist to suggest you a few.

  7. Keep stress under control
  8. Do not let anything stress you. Stress can be one of the causes that aggravate the problem further. Practice yoga and meditation to relax your body and calm yourself down.

  9. Wear a bite guard
  10. Stabilization splint prevents accidental clenching and grinding of the teeth. Bite guards are customized to fit your teeth and help you avoid any accidental grinding.

  11. Practice heat or cold therapy
  12. Applying ice or heat pack will help you relax your jaw. Ask your dentist to confirm the intensity and timing of the treatment and follow what they tell you to do.

These were the 6 tips that will help you relax your jaw muscles faster. Follow these tips after asking your dentist about it as we can not personalize it for your body. For more information, book an appointment at Beverly Thurmond.